Christine Edwards


Client Comments

"I forgot how good I used to feel" -media consultant

"I connected to spirit in our session" -healthcare administrator

"I'm pain-free" -business owner

"You've been there for me from the beginning" -palliative care client

"My meditation practice is helping me reduce stress" -medical student

"Your support during treatment (cancer) made a difference in my recovery" -business manager

"My chronic (gyn) symptoms stopped" -bodywork therapist 

"Learning to breathe better reduced my panic attacks" -writer

"I was so overwhelmed before and now I'm not" -parent 

"That's amazing! How do you do that?" -pharmacist

"I've had many healing modalities, but this was all over, even in my (prosthetic) legs"-medical professional

"I feel so much clearer and relaxed" -chiropractor

"Remember when I just let go the last session? I want to do that again" -mother of twins

"I felt many areas at the same time during the healing but there's only one of you here" -retired military officer