Christine Edwards


Client Comments

What clients say about their sessions:

"I forgot how good I used to feel", media consultant

"I connected to my spirit in our session", healthcare administrator

"I'm pain-free", business owner

"You've been there for me from the beginning", palliative care client

"My meditation practice is helping me reduce stress", medical student

"Your support during treatment (for cancer) made a difference in my recovery", business manager

"My chronic (GYN) symptoms stopped", bodywork therapist 

"Learning to breathe better reduced my panic attacks", writer

"I was so overwhelmed before and now I'm not", parent 

"That's amazing! How do you do that?", pharmacist

"Remember when I just let go the last session? I want to do that again",  mother of twins

"I felt many areas at the same time during the hands-on healing but there's only one of you here", retired military officer